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5 Habits That Boost Productivity, Generate Leads, and Lead to Success

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By Buffini and Company

Many people want to know the secret to success. In reality, there is no secret to reaching lasting success; however, if you take a hard look at your habits, you’ll see what’s holding you back from becoming more successful. Our habits—those things we do automatically every day—can either help or hinder us on our journeys to achieving our goals. While we may create goals to be more productive and generate more leads in order to be successful, our bad habits often act as barriers to reaching our goals and our true potential. What habits do the most successful people share? Here are five good habits to adopt this year.

2. Wake up early. Ben Franklin famously said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” While it’s tempting to sleep in, the most successful people in business start their days with the sun, if not before. Starting your day early doesn’t necessarily mean you jump right into working. Instead, take advantage of the peace and quiet the early morning brings by doing activities that lay the groundwork for a more positive and productive day. For example, write in a journal, go for a run or hit the gym, write a personal note to a mentor or loved one, or set aside time to read. The point is to escape the frantic pace of our mornings and make it a reflective time to fortify our mindset. If you’re not a morning person, start slow and set your alarm 10 or 15 minutes earlier than usual. After a week, increase it to 20 minutes. Over time, you’ll look forward to having a quiet morning of calm reflection before you tackle the events of the day.

2. Prioritize. As a busy real estate professional, you’re certainly no stranger to writing a to-do list every day. However, many of us simply write down the tasks we need to do without separating the most important activities from the rest. Instead of just adding tasks to the list, prioritize it. This habit takes no more time than writing your daily list of tasks. Choose one or two tasks you have to get done each day, and when you finish those, do the next most important tasks. Not only will you get more done, but also you’ll get the most important tasks done, which will streamline your day and make your more productive.

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