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How to “click” with every client, every time!

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Jackie Leavenworth boils the real estate industry down to three words: we need to be seen, found, and trusted. Through her webinar “The Secrets Of Successful Negotiation,” she looks at how agents can “click” with clients to develop better relationships.

 Build Trust

We all know that in order to have a great relationship with a client they need to like, trust and respect you. What happens when the trust and rapport don’t come easily? She sites four accelerators to help build the trust:

  • Vulnerability
  • Physical proximity
  • Resonance similarity
  • Environment

Mirror to Click

Leavenworth talks about the importance of mirroring a person’s behavior style in order to communicate with them in a language they understand and feel safe with.

Include Nonverbal Communication

In this email/text, “word” driven society, it’s easy to forget that 93 percent of communication is nonverbal. If you can’t get face to face with a client, try and include some different technology options that can help bridge the communication gap, such as video conferencing with Facetime or Skype.

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