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10 Tips for Year-End Strategic Planning

by David Finkel,

Here are 10 simple tips to guide your strategic planning for the coming year.

Strategic planning is essentially making the tough decisions on where to invest your business’s resources (money…staff time… staff focus… customer attention…etc.) and where you WON’T invest your business’s resources. Here are ten tips to do it better.

  1. What is your single biggest “limiting factor” inside your business? In other words, what one limitation is currently doing the most to limit the growth and success of your business? Getting clear on your limiting factor is one of your top leverage points inside of your business.
  2. What are 10 potential ways to push back or make your limiting factors less limiting for your business? Again, this is the challenge worth solving. When you do solve it, you automatically grow your business in a leveraged way!
  3. Go back through your list of 10 “solutions” and note each solution that is a “low hanging fruit.” That means that the solution is either easy to implement or has a high likelihood of working.

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