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The best places to buy a vacation rental for short-term rentals

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Cities in Washington and Oregon made the list!

According to a Trip Advisor survey from this spring, more than two-thirds of Americans said they plan to travel during this summer. Investors are discovering greater interest in their short-term vacation rentals, and business is booming.

Occupancy rates surged 21% in May compared to pre-pandemic levels from May 2019, according to AirDNA, a real estate company that collects data on Airbnb and Vrbo short-term rentals. Prices to rent vacation properties have increased by about 8.3% over the past year.

“There’s a very big opportunity to buy cheap and make a lot of money in return,” Luis D. Ortiz, a real estate broker who also stars on Netflix’s “World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals,” told®. “Vacation rentals give you something that hotels can’t give, and it’s that sense of home.”

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