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John L. Scott CIO Teresa Duran speaks about Seattle’s tech hiring market

John L. Scott’s Chief Information Officer Teresa Duran was interviewed for an article by WideNet Consulting regarding tech hiring trends in Seattle. In it, she touches on tech trends and her thoughts on the future of technology in Seattle. 

WideNet Consulting

The greater Seattle area has long been a proving ground for innovation, and a place of limitless opportunity for smart, driven tech professionals. In recent years, Seattle’s role in the tech universe has grown even larger. According to a report by the commercial real estate firm CBRE, Seattle is now the second-strongest market for tech jobs in North America, behind only San Francisco. In 2017, the Seattle tech market employed more than 145,000 people, up 19 percent since 2011.

[…] To help us do so, we recently convened a roundtable of technology leaders—all of them WideNet clients—who have extensive experience in hiring for IT resources in the Seattle area: Teresa Duran, CIO of the real estate company John L. Scott; Joel Chaplin, VP of Technology for the data management solutions provider Winshuttle; and Chad Laske, former Senior Director of leading gaming company Wizards of the Coast. Here’s what they shared with us.

To read the full interview, click here: Seattle’s Tech Hiring Market: Its Present And Future

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