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John L. Scott’s Teresa Duran adds personalized touches to online real estate

Photo credit: Toggle Tech

IT trade publication Toggle Tech profiled John L. Scott Chief Information Officer Teresa Duran for a recent feature. The article provides an overview of innovative technology initiatives Teresa has pioneered and gives a sneak peek of some things to come in JLS technology. 

Jim Cavan | Toggle Tech

If you’ve tried looking for a house or apartment in the last five years, chances are you wound up on Zillow or Redfin, two of the world’s biggest real-estate websites. Here, with just a few clicks and field-fills, users can scroll through hundreds—even thousands—of listings, each with a profile of the property.

Such functionality sure seems like the apex of home-hunting technology. But beneath the high-resolution images and crisp interface, details can be scarce. What about the surrounding neighborhood? How do the schools compare to others in the area? Is this really the right fit for my family?’

For Teresa Duran, chief information officer at John L. Scott Real Estate (JLS), there’s a depersonalized feel to the world of online real estate—one her firm intends to remedy.

To read the rest of the feature, click here: Teresa Duran – John L. Scott Real Estate


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