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10 common difficulties that come with FSBOs

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This article outlines the top reasons for-sale-by-owner isn’t a great idea, and gives ideas on how to let sellers know gently that they may want to reconsider a FSBO. 

Rich Peluso | Inman

Most homeowners would probably prefer to have a professional licensed Realtor work on their behalf to sell their home, but not everyone sees the value of paying a fee for an agent’s expertise. I get it — it is not easy to recognize all the work it takes to prepare a home for sale, list it, market it and make sure everyone involved in a transaction is on schedule and committed all the way through closing.

Selling a home is hard work! Great agents make great partners because we bear the (substantial) cost of marketing, we have the ability to expose people’s homes to more buyers, deal with the mounds of paperwork and save the homeowner time, stress and money.

To read the full article, click here: How to talk a seller off the FSBO ledge

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