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How to win friends — and do more business

Inman | Michael Montgomery

I recently attended a friend’s birthday party. A group of about 20 people enjoyed dinner and catching up about their lives. I spent most of my time with five of the 20 people. Why? Of the 20, five were real estate agents, so we had to catch up about the changing market.

This is where it gets interesting. There are various similarities between the agents. All have been in the industry for a similar amount of time. They’re all a similar age. And, as you guessed, they have the same social network. So, we need to ask the question: Which agent produces at the highest level? And why?

The highest-producing agent at the table wasn’t more experienced, at the premiere brokerage or even more skilled. But the reason is clear: She seemed to know every second person who walked by the table. Simply put, she has the most friends.

“If you want to increase your production, you need more friends.”

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