How to make a Thanksgiving pie giveaway work for you

Photo by Timothy Wolff on Unsplash

If you’re interested in orchestrating a pie giveaway, check out these tips for not only orchestrating the event or pop-by, but taking it one step further to thoughtfully connect with your sphere. 

Inman | Troy Palmquist

In Southern California, autumn doesn’t necessarily have the visual impact it does in, say, New England or the Midwest. After all, palm trees don’t turn funny colors (unless there’s something wrong), and we rarely feel a chill in the air.

But there’s one thing that hits home here just like everywhere else in the country during the holiday season — pie.

[…] More and more, I’m seeing real estate brokerages and individual agents leaning into this association, doing pop-bys with pies or holding open houses at their offices where folks in their sphere of influence can come in and grab a pie to add to their dessert table.