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“Easier than SEO”: how to get started with Google Ads

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Inman | Ben Mizes

Google Ads can provide an incredible ROI and help you reach people highly likely to convert to clients. Formerly called AdWords, Google Ads ensures your business appears at the top of search results and top-of-mind among potential clients.

Creating an effective, straightforward Google Ads strategy can be a bit of an art. Here, we’ve laid out simple ways to get started, as well as ideas on how to expand your skills — and improve your ROI — once you’ve mastered the basics.

Why use Google Ads?
Increase leads
Real estate agents must constantly be attracting new clients — and this lead generation can be a huge expense for an agent. Traditionally, agents may find leads through their own network, print, radio or TV ads as well as referrals from real estate sites. All these tactics can be quite expensive and reach people outside of the agent’s target market.

Learn how to get started: Google Ads is key to your online presence — here’s how it works

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