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Avoid the top five ways you can face fines as a broker

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From accepting gifts to problems with your ads, there are many easy slip-ups brokers can make legally that can cost them. This article outlines the top five ways agents can accidentally break rules and face fines. 

A fine is like a kidney stone: painful to get rid of, nobody wants one, but plenty end up with some, and in retrospect, it was probably preventable. A capable real estate agent conducts an intricate symphony of sales, psychology and finance — all challenging enough without the encumbrance of fines.

However, in an industry replete with rules and regulations, you might find yourself facing hefty fines you were unaware of or simply forgot about. Here are five ways agents can get fined — and hamper their bottom line.

To read the full article, click here: 5 ways agents can accidentally break rules and face fines

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