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Luxury Portfolio International teams up with Adwerx to create sticky online ads

Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

Luxury Portfolio International is working with Adwerx to launch sticky online ads for luxury listings. This means that once someone views a property on LPI’s website, they’ll start seeing banner ads for that property elsewhere online as they browse. Listings will be promoted for LPI members at no additional cost to brokers!

Inman | Jim Dalrymple II

It used to be a little bit creepy, but now it’s just the way the internet works: You go online, search for something like shoes or a blender or the lawnmower with the most customer reviews, and then immediately start seeing ads for that same product all over the internet.

And now, that same targeted ad experience is coming to the luxury real estate space thanks to a new product from Luxury Portfolio International and Adwerx.

The new product will allow brokerage and luxury listing platform Luxury Portfolio International to deliver targeted ads from the 50,000 properties it markets across the web. After someone views a property on Luxury Portfolio’s website, they’ll start seeing banner ads for that same property following them as they visit other, unrelated websites.

To read the full story, click here: Luxury listings will now follow you around the web

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