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Seattle city’s plan to upzone neighborhoods continues onward

Photo by Josh Rinard on Unsplash

The City of Seattle’s plan to upzone more than two dozen neighborhoods, which would allow for denser buildings, is on hold for now, after closed-door meetings. Action on this plan won’t happen until January at the earliest, and both sides are not waiting for the results of a legal challenge that was brought by the groups of an environmental review of the plan. 

Daniel Beekman | Seattle Times

Seattle officials met behind closed doors with community-group leaders this summer to discuss a compromise over the city’s plan to allow denser buildings in the urban cores of more than two dozen neighborhoods.

The talks led nowhere, however, so both sides are now waiting for the outcome of a legal challenge brought by the groups of an environmental review of the plan.

“We’re on pause,” said City Councilmember Rob Johnson, a champion of the plan.

For the rest of the article, click here: Closed-door negotiations but no deal in battle over Seattle plan to upzone neighborhoods

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