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Commercial real estate developers are considering Gen Z

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The eldest members of Gen Z are now 22, meaning they are coming into adulthood and beginning to have purchasing power. Some trends to watch in this generation are their environmental concerns and potential differences from previous generations when it comes to how they choose to live with. 

Melissa Oyler | Bisnow National

Apartment rental ad of the future: one-bedroom, one-bath available. Materials sustainably sourced and eco-friendly. Construction workers were treated humanely while on job site.

Welcome to Generation Z’s influence on commercial real estate. Multifamily and coworking locations will be earth-friendly. Increased food delivery demands will require larger commercial kitchens. Retail spots will become a place to do something rather than buy something.

The next generation of consumers is already influencing the next phase of real estate. Generation Z has been defined as anyone who is born after 1996. The eldest Gen Zers are now 22, coming into adulthood and beginning to have purchasing power.

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