Legislation to change Washington state condo law appears dead

Marc Stiles | Puget Sound Business Journal 

Another year, another unsuccessful attempt in Olympia to make developer-friendly changes to the Washington Condominium Act.

A bipartisan proposal to allow developers to fix construction defects before a homeowners’ association could sue did not make it to the House floor before Wednesday’s cutoff, despite a recommendation from the House Judiciary Committee for passage.

Indications were the bill would not have passed the Senate.

It seemed like it would have been dead on arrival,” said Rep.¬†Tana Senn (D-Mercer Island), who proposed the legislation and “absolutely” plans to re-introduce it in 2019.

“We need affordable housing, affordable condos,” she said.

It’s the latest blow to the years-long effort by brokers, affordable housing advocates and developers to reform the act. They argue the act has limited development of condos, which can provide first-time buyers a more affordable entry into homeownership.

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