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Moments When Clients Don’t Want You to Text

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An article from Realtor® Magazine online makes a really great point. Though texting can be a really efficient way of communicating with our clients, there are times when it’s not in our best interest, and we should really use the “voice” function of our mobile devices instead.

“Communicating with your customers may be faster and simpler via text message, but there are certain times during the transaction when they need to hear your voice.”

Here are the 5 situations where “voice” would be a better choice than “text”: 

  1. When you’re first establishing a relationship.
  2. When your client’s offer is rejected.
  3. When your client’s contract is accepted.
  4. When you need to relay important feedback to your client.
  5. When you need to save face after a bad text.

Here’s a link to the entire article; it is worth the read.

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