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5 Ways to Be a Love Magnet

Be a Love Magnet

Jon Gordon, the author of “The Energy Bus”, among others, penned this great post, “5 Ways to Be a Love Magnet”.

One of the essentials of Ultimate Client Relationship® is deep care for those we are connected to. Love isn’t a word we use often enough in real estate. Jon offers a great perspective in this post.

Here are a couple of highlights.

Tap the Power of Now – In our technology filled world, that zaps our time and energy, it seems we are making less time for people and our interactions are less meaningful. When you are with a customer, employee, co-worker, etc., be engaged in the present moment.

Listen to People – One of the most important factors that determine a high management approval rating is whether the manager listens to the employee. Does the manager hear what the employee has to say?

Recognize People for their Accomplishments – Make it real and personal. Send your employees and co-workers a personal birthday card with a handwritten note, not some electronic fake signature but a real note that shows you took the time.

Serve Them – Rich Melman, Chairman of Lettuce Entertain You once said to me “The higher you get in an organization the more it is your duty to serve the people below you rather than having the people below serve you.”

Bring out the Best in Them – The best leaders and managers bring out the best in others.

Read the entire article here.

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