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The big responsibility of referrals

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As real estate professionals, we consult with individuals about one of their biggest financial decisions, and it is a huge responsibility. When a person in your database refers you to a friend, co-worker, or family member, they are trusting you to safeguard the relationship they have with the person they referred.  How you interact with the lead they give you can directly impact them.

Have you considered how big the responsibility of referral really is?

Could there be a reason some of your family, friends, and past clients are not referring you?

Could it be that they may not want to be responsible for what can go wrong?

It is imperative that you communicate to your entire database that you accept the responsibility of those whom they refer.

In your regular communication to them, you may want to remind each of them, that each person they refer is a privilege and an honor.

When someone refers you, here is an example of suggested dialogue to use in your thank you note:

Dear Jane,


I received a call from your good friend, Joe. He told me that you referred him to me.


Thank you so much!


I do not take for granted the trust you have placed in me. Referring Joe to me is a responsibility that I take very seriously. I am sure that when you encouraged Joe to seek my advice that you were counting on me giving my best to him.


Jane, you can be sure that I will give Joe my full commitment and best advice in helping him reach his real estate goals.


A big thank you! It is an honor and privilege to assist the people who are important in your life.


[Your name]

It’s important to stay in touch throughout the process to ensure that the person referring has the utmost confidence in their decision to trust you.


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