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What business are we in? Millenial interacting

I’ve asked that question many times as I tour the offices in our three states. The most common answers are “houses,” “service,” and “marketing.” Eventually, the answer ends up being “relationships.” Though we are a real estate company, we are not in the transaction business. That is just the mechanism to complete the task of real estate sales. I would offer up that we are in the business of trust. Trust built through strong relationships with those we serve and work with.

Recently, I came across a blog post on relationships and thoughts on that important subject entitled REALationships. A REALationship is one that grows. One that is true. One that is sincere. One that is not focused on what it can provide for you. One that is genuine. One you want to develop. A REALationship is one that is in the physical world, not just online.

Check out the entire article here.

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