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Seahawks Pop-bys

Seahawks Pop InHere is a success story from Tracy Rodway and Linda O’Connell (Kent-Covington). In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, they used the Seahawks hype machine to their advantage. They created Seahawks cakes (35 to be exact) and delivered them to clients who recently bought or sold a home, clients who gave referrals, or people they knew who were thinking of buying or selling.

Linda met with a client and the next day received notice from the JLS Relocation Dept. that they were accepting the client. Another client informed her they were thinking of buying within the next two years.

Tracy visited a client who had given her a referral and she picked up another referral on her visit. Her next stop was at the home of a client she was prospecting for about one year. They accepted their Seahawks cake and gave Tracy a tour of the home. Before leaving, the husband declared he was ready to sell his home.

It’s all about connecting with clients and building the relationships.


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