Ninjas are Invading Oregon

Congratulations to everyone from the Sunset Corridor and Bend offices who completed their Ninja Installation!


From left to right, Cindy Thackery, Soren Sorensen, Candace Dunn, Dave Lucas, Robert Baeza, Donis McArdle, Brigitte Pascutoi, Mike Selvaggio (instructor) and Lee Morris are pictured. They just completed the Ninja selling course in Lake Oswego, Oregon.


(In no particular order) Dan Heater, Danielle Snow, Barbara Jackson, Barb Hartnett, Candice Anderson, Ed Green, Jody Mills, Brad Whitcomb, Teresa Brown, Jean Nelsen, Kellie Cook, David King, Laura Hilton, Colleen Dillingham, Kathy Denning, Faye Phillips, Marci Schoenberg, Gordon Olson, Korina Chinchen