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After a big 2023, make no mistake: Artificial intelligence is here to stay

Inman | Jim Dalrymple

On Nov. 17, chaos erupted at OpenAI.

For the preceding year, OpenAI had been one of the most famous companies in the world, thanks to its ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 artificial intelligence tools. Both tools had opened up to the public in late 2022, quickly going viral for their ability to create text and art, respectively, that felt surprisingly natural.

Then in mid-November, OpenAI’s board of directors voted to remove founder and CEO Sam Altman. The conflict had to do with differing views about the technology’s safety, but soon hundreds of the company’s staffers signed a letter demanding Altman’s return. The pressure campaign worked; within three days Altman was back.

Though the world has since moved on, the kerfuffle represents a critical turning point for AI. After Altman’s company opened its platform to the public last year — and numerous other firms followed suit — the sector was the subject of nearly limitless hype. Everyone experimented with AI. It was discussed endlessly in Facebook groups, including those dedicated to real estate. And there seemed to be no technological corner that might not be improved by artificial intelligence.

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