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Instagram For REALTORS®: Tackling the Fundamentals

RISMedia | Lindsay Favazza

Are you hoping to get more from your Instagram marketing but feel intimidated by the tool or stuck on what to post? You’re not alone.

Many agents have Instagram accounts and post the occasional photo of a listing, happy client or testimonial, but is that the best use of Instagram? Will those types of posts inspire a lead to reach out? Unfortunately, the answer is usually no.

Let me explain by going back in the time capsule that is Instagram.

It started as a picture-only platform where the prettier the picture, the higher the views. They added short-form video soon after IGTV, and then, Stories were born. But since 2016, Instagram’s direct competitor, TikTok, has been taking their market share. Even more so in 2020, with the pandemic forcing people to hunker down at home with not much else to do except scroll on their phones, the popularity of TikTok became a big threat to Instagram. Naturally, they needed to fend off this competition, and with that, the company’s newest addition was born: reels.

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