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Four DIY jobs sellers should avoid

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REALTOR Magazine | Melissa Dittmann Tracey

Homeowners may have gotten overconfident with their DIY skills. Armed with YouTube tutorials and extra time at home during the pandemic, more homeowners have been drawn to DIY house projects to save money and bypass waits for overbooked contractors. Home inspectors are seeing the results of that DIY surge. When homeowners go to sell, they say more DIY jobs are popping up as red flags.

“We want homeowners to be handy, but we want them to be careful about what they choose to do to their home,” says Adam Long, president of the HomeTeam Inspection Service, which has 200-plus offices nationwide. “It’s important to know when to call in a professional. Saving $200 to $300 for an electrician or plumber could end up costing you thousands in the end.”

Find the DIY jobs, which include electrical work and plumbing, here: 4 DIY Jobs Sellers Should Stop Doing

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