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Six ways to increase your productivity

This is a guest post from our partners at Old Republic Home Protection.

Over the last three decades, writers have tackled productivity topics with an abundance of enthusiasm. Despite the dogged attention, people still grapple with the idea of productivity—and most of us spend our working careers trying to get better at it. The following tips may help you change your habits and improve your productivity.

Start with the most important task

Carve out a minimum of two hours each day for the important tasks. These are ones that further your goals or priorities.

Ask yourself “What one thing do I need to accomplish to make the greatest impact? Is it urgent and important? Am I the best person to do it? How can I simplify the process?” To be more efficient, focus on the things that really matter.

Keep your goals front and center

Organize your to-do list by impact and alignment with goals. If your goal is complicated, break it into smaller sub-goals.

Figure out which item is most important to achieve those goals and which could create an additive effect for you. Success builds sequentially.

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