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Brian Buffini’s top tips for getting the most out of yourself and your business

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As this challenging and intense year comes to a close, many agents are looking to establish more of a balance in 2021. When you find a balance between all of your endeavors, you can achieve phenomenal success without burning out. The key is to figure out how to maximize your time and energy in both your business and your life. Here are some small adjustments you can make in your routines right now to yield big results in the coming year.

Set Priorities
Effective time management is absolutely essential for success. Sit down and really take stock of how you spend your time. You might be surprised to see how much of your day is wasted on activities that are not generating income, such as surfing online or running errands. To accomplish more, list all of your priorities, putting them in order from least to most important. You should cover all the major areas of life: spiritual, family, business, financial and personal. How are you doing in each area? Are you wasting precious hours on pointless tasks that drain you of energy and focus? If so, it’s time to eliminate these nonessentials. You must devote the bulk of your day to the things that matter most.

Find the rest of the tips online here: Get the Most Out of Yourself and Your Business

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