What do carbon-free standards mean for homeowners?

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REALTOR Magazine | Mike Phillips

Washington state is among five states that have enacted 100 percent carbon-free standards, with a timeline of about 20 years to accomplish it. Oregon is one of six states with a pledge to be carbon-free by 2050. This story outlines carbon-free standards and provides helpful recommendations to optimizing your energy footprint that real estate professionals can share with homeowners. 

[…] As these required standards become the norm across states, homeowners will need to make changes, and real estate professionals can advise them on where to start. It will be more important than ever for your clients to know how and when they are using energy in their homes.

Innovations ranging from heat pumps to electric vehicles to smart thermostats will give the average homeowner more ways to optimize their energy use, so everyone’s carbon footprint shrinks without diminishing their lifestyle. People will be able to make their homes smarter and more efficient while being less resource-intensive, costly, and wasteful.

Read the story here: How Carbon-Free Standards Will Impact Homeowners

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