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How to capture the attention of affluent international buyers

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RISMedia | Diane Hartley

Luxury marketing expert Diane Hartley outlines tips and strategies for attracting affluent international buyers. Topics covered include networking, not speaking a client’s language and technology tips. 

As a successful real estate professional, international buyers could become an integral part of your business; however, it can be a bit intimidating to figure out how to capture this market. Just as in any real estate market niche, networking and connections are imperative to forming lasting relationships with affluent international prospects.

What are some ways to meet an international buyer?
Networking is essential. Once you’ve targeted your feeder market, finding buyers can be exponentially easier, as one client can lead to 10 other potential clients. Attending real estate events in the desired market can be a good move, as meeting in person generally forges strong relationships. Can’t make the trip? Try using social media or tools such as Proxio Connect to virtually begin relationships with agents based in different countries.

Read the story here: What to Know About Working With Affluent International Buyers

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