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Washington and Oregon make list of top states millennial buyers are moving

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

Washington tops a recent list of states millennial home buyers are moving to, and Oregon comes in at number six. When looking at the same list organized by cities, Seattle, Portland and Bellevue all make the top 25. 

HousingWire | Julia Falcon

Some say that anticipated wave of Millennial homebuyers has finally crashed, with data showing that 45% of all new mortgages last year were connected to a member of this generation.

Now, a new study shows us where they’re landing, pointing out the most popular destinations for Millennial homebuyers.

The state that ranks the most attractive to these young nest seekers? Washington. This state topped the list for having the greatest “net migration,” which calculates the number of Millennials who moved to the state versus those who moved out of the state. Behind Washington came Texas and Colorado.

Read the full article here: Here’s where Millennials are moving

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