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John L. Scott broker Maggie McQueen shares courageous story

A screenshot from a video featuring John L. Scott broker Maggie McQueen’s story. Here, Maggie is with John L. Scott Puyallup office leader Bobbie Chipman.

On Advocacy Day for the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, John L. Scott released a video sharing broker Maggie McQueen’s story as part of the Contribution Film Series. Maggie, a broker out of John L. Scott’s Puyallup Main office, decided to share her story of bravery in escaping domestic violence, with the hope that it may help others.

Maggie fled her abusive ex-husband of 11 years and went into hiding in September of 2015. She began her real estate career at John L. Scott soon after, and started helping others buy and sell their dream homes while she was homeless. Through her unwavering dedication, paired with the support of her friends, family and colleagues, Maggie has found success and satisfaction as a real estate broker. Her story is incredible, and Maggie hopes it’ll encourage others affected by domestic violence.

To watch the video on Facebook, click here: On Advocacy Day Maggie McQueen Shares her Story

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