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In today’s market, how much would Frasier’s condo cost?

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As the TV show Frasier’s 25th anniversary approaches, Curbed Seattle interviewed local real estate brokers posing the question “If Frasier’s condo in the fictional Elliott Bay Towers existed – how much would it cost in today’s market?” John L. Scott’s Wendy L. Carrington was featured as one expert in this piece. 

Sean Keeley & Sarah Anne Lloyd | Curbed Seattle

Along with the Sleepless in Seattle floating home and maybe Christian Grey’s Escala penthouse, Frasier Crane’s condo often comes to mind when out-of-towners think about living in Seattle. Located in the fictional Elliott Bay Towers, the three-bedroom, two-bath luxury condo has view of the Space Needle and Seattle skyline so amazing, it’s no surprise that it’s entirely fictional. The backdrop image used was actually taken at Kerry Park and would be impossible from any real condo.

But what if it were real? What if Frasier Crane, tired of constantly bickering with his father, brother, and live-in housekeeper-turned-sister-in-law, decided he wanted to move on? Given the state of the Seattle housing marketespecially the condo market—surely he could get a nice chunk of change for the place, right?

Since Frasier’s 25th anniversary is coming up on September 16, we decided to pose that question—for the third time—to a few local real estate brokers who would know. These are the people who deal in downtown condos and luxury homes every day. Here’s what they came up with.

To read the rest of the article, click here: How much would Frasier’s Seattle condo cost today?

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