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Airbnb Utilizes Real Estate Market in Paris

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

Kelsey Ramirez |

Airbnb has a rough history with landlords and even homeowners, and many cities continue to crack down against the short-term rental company.

But now Airbnb found an interesting way to begin avoiding these regulations: the real estate market.

Many apartment landlords struggle against Airbnb, which they say encourages tenants to break their lease through subletting, creating unsafe conditions for other tenants. Some major U.S. landlords even announced their intent to file a lawsuit against Airbnb early last year.

Some experts worry that Airbnb could be disrupting the housing market, and some cities have begun cracking down on stricter regulations.

But now, Airbnb announced it is partnering with Century 21, at least in one European city, to try to work with landlords to keep its short-term rentals alive.

In Paris, regulations are especially strong against Airbnb, but the city is also one of the company’s most popular short-term rental destinations. Airbnb turned to the real estate industry for help.

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