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It’s All About Relationships!


Emmanuel Fonte | Vice President of Ultimate Client Relationship® and Digital Strategies

The back of each UCR L.A.B. book has the following declaration: “It’s All About Relationships.” When I came across this article from Jefferey Gitomer, I was struck by how powerful that statement really is.

He proposes the following.

  • Relationship is more powerful than price.
  • Relationship is more powerful than delivery.
  • Relationship is more powerful than quality.
  • Relationship is more powerful than service.

Jeffery explained, “The quality of your relationships will determine the outcome of events when there is a problem or issue with price, delivery, quality or service. I’m NOT saying that if you have a great relationship you can ignore important issues and skate by – I AM saying that a great relationship will act as a buffer, and allow all problems and issues to be resolved harmoniously.”

I liked this statement too: “Relationships are hard to develop, take time to mature, and must be nurtured along the way. BUT once achieved, are the most powerful force in the business world.” What does this mean for your business and your goals in 2018?

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