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Broker Spotlight: How Korey Staley’s JLS jacket helped him zip up three transactions

Personal branding with great results: Korey Staley in his JLS jacket

John L. Scott broker Korey Staley
recently celebrated his one-year anniversary and is based in the Spokane office. Korey kindly took the time to discuss how his John L. Scott jacket from Bear Printing (cost: ~$75 & see photo above) has resulted in three transactions…and counting.

Please tell me about how the jacket brought you business:

“I wore the jacket to a friend’s house and a woman approached me and mentioned her parents needed a realtor because they were thinking of selling their home. I gave her my contact info and, one month later, I listed her parents’ house. At the listing launch for the parents’ home, an unrepresented buyer asked me to write a cash offer for the house, and also list the house her family currently lived in. Additionally, I’m scheduled to list her sister’s house this summer. So, one $75 jacket has resulted in three transactions with one more on the way.”

Would you recommend it to other brokers? 

“Absolutely! You never know when you might run into a potential client. I like to wear it when I’m running errands in my neighborhood, which is also my geographical farm.”

What are you most looking forward to achieving in 2018? 

“I’m looking foreword to fine-tuning my systems to make my business more predictable by automating certain tasks. This will allow me to spend more time on things that will grow business.”

What is a source of inspiration for you personally and how do you keep coming up with great ideas like the jacket?

“I listen to podcasts or audiobooks almost every day. I don’t always have time to read, but I can have a podcast or a video playing while I go through my morning routine or during my drive to work. Some are real estate related, some business-focused, and some are inspirational. In addition to what my Office Leader, Daniel, shares, I’ve learned a lot from resources such as: Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, Brian Buffini, Ninja, and more.

Thank you for your time, Korey, and we wish you continued success in 2018 and beyond!

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