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Lifestyle trends help shape the new ‘must-haves’ in new homes

Source: Home & Garden | The San Diego Union-Tribune | The News Tribune

The design of our homes is something that evolves alongside our ever-changing society. “In today’s plugged-in world, homeowners are looking for a place to unwind and spend time with family and friends”. Check out some of the trends that homebuyers will start seeing in new homes:


From outdoor movies to fire pits and barbecues, outdoor living areas are becoming more and more essential to modern home design each year.


Instead of homes being composed of various rooms with rigid purposes, flexible rooms are becoming increasingly popular in new homes. Having an extra room that can transition between a guest bedroom and a spare office is a major plus for new homeowners.


As homebuyers become more informed about green building and environmental hazards, healthy paints, high-efficiency heating and air conditioning are becoming popular. Also keep an eye out for natural materials, which “are becoming popular as an antidote to technology”

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