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Maximize Your Most Valuable Resource: Time

29234_PE116289_S5Each of us is afforded 86,400 seconds each day. How we use that time is the most important choice we make. This article from MintLife is a nice reminder of who we spend that asset.

Some highlights from the article:

Planning Your Time = A Smart Use of Time

Reserve 15 minutes each morning to plan how you would like to spend the time in your day. Start with free-form lists for family, work, and yourself and then prioritize. If you prefer using your phone to organize tasks, there are plenty of amazing apps to help master your daily to-do list.

Supercharge Your Time Effectiveness

You already consider the cost-effectiveness of your purchases. How about considering the time-effectiveness of your actions? Before taking on a task, consider if you’re using your time well: Are you adding too many steps? Could you delegate or ask for assistance? Is this task contributing to your priorities?

Read the article here.

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