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The No. 1 skill you need to convert leads into clients

Inman | Bernice Ross

Genuine engagement during face-to-face meetings is where trust is established and conversions are made. The question you must answer for your business is: Exactly how well are you listening?

Being able to convert leads into clients hinges on your ability to engage in meaningful, face-to-face dialogues. Here’s a list of 10 benefits real estate professionals can gain by being genuinely focused on what their clients have to say: 

1. Improved communication

When you carefully listen to what your clients say, you can respond more accurately to their concerns, minimize misunderstandings, and avoid problems before they occur. In fact, whether you’re on a listing appointment or conducting a buyer interview, when you take notes on what your clients say, you show them that you not only heard them but also that what they said was so important that you wrote it down. 

2. Increased trust and rapport

Active listening lets clients know you care about them and is pivotal in building trust. Clients feel valued and respected when their concerns and desires are heard. This in turn leads to stronger, more positive relationships.

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