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This Is the Very Best Time To Sell If You Want Top Dollar for Your Home® | Margaret Heidenry

Every year, one week stands out from the rest as that perfect stretch of time when it’s great to be a home seller.

This year, the week of April 14–20 is the best time to sell—that is, if sellers want to see lots of interest in their homes, sell quickly, and pocket some extra cash, according to® data.

“The third week of April brings the best combination of housing market factors for sellers,” says Hannah Jones,® senior economic research analyst. “The best week offers higher buyer demand, lower competition [from other sellers], and fewer price reductions than the typical week of the year.”

What makes the third week of April a golden opportunity? Historically, median home prices are about 1.1% higher than the typical week. Homes also cost about 10.4% more than they did earlier in the year.

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