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Create a Home that Fosters Connection

REALTOR® Magazine | Barbara Ballinger

Our homes provide an opportunity—and the space—for connecting with one another. In many homes, a designated room like the kitchen or a living space often serve as places of conversation and quality time. What helps make such bonding possible is a sense of comfort and joy between the parties, but also within the space.

The craving for connection was intensified by the isolation of the pandemic, and in a country where loneliness is considered an epidemic, creating an intentional space for family and friends to linger and bond offers a salve.

Certain common denominators in a home’s ambiance can help. The design team headed by Amanda Wiss at New York’s Urban Staging, a boutique home staging firm, says striving for an open, warm feeling through the use of the right lighting, intimate furniture groupings and layers of texture and accessories makes a difference. 

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