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John L. Scott Silverdale has a Whale of a Time at annual festival

United by a common goal of enhancing their brand, nurturing connections, and generating leads, the John L. Scott Silverdale office team primed the platform for an unforgettable Whaling Days celebration, an annual community festival held in “Old Town” Silverdale. Their efforts were bolstered by the enthusiastic participation of 10+ broker associates who volunteered to represent the company at the event. 

The Silverdale team created a Kitsap County coloring contest, an original community newsletter, and John L. Scott branded promotional items. The John L. Scott Win-A-Trip sweepstakes and Priority Lending sponsored giveaway also proved to be promising promotional items, aiding the team in making more connections during the event. 

Silverdale’s efforts resulted in the addition of over 100 new contacts to their brokers’ databases. Among these, 19 contacts were reported as viable leads. They even received a client referral from the booth next door. Silverdale broker Vivienne Vanichkul emerged as a standout example of excellence. Vivienne achieved an impressive feat, amassing 47 new connections!

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