9 ways to get your confidence back when you lose your mojo

Inman | Darryl Davis

Losing your mojo is tough. Been there. Done that. Haven’t we all? Is there anyone who hasn’t had a time or two (or more) in their lives where things feel like they are going more wrong than right? Of course. That’s called being a human. Anyone can find themselves in a dark place for a bit; the trick is to not unpack your bags and reside there.

I love the reminder by the folks at Psychology Today who tell us, “Strong feelings aren’t your enemy.” In other words, our emotions are meant to act as our guideposts, right? Sometimes they get a little cross-wired, but generally, they are there to keep you safe.

For real estate professionals in today’s world, I’d say it is more than normal and natural to have anxiety creep in on occasion, especially in the last few years. It’s been quite the roller coaster of emotions, learning curves, and fear.

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