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Portland City Council approves numerous alternative housing developments

Photo by Trang Nguyen on Unsplash

The Oregonian | Jayati Ramakrishnan

Portland City Council unanimously approved a bevy of alternative housing developments that they say will provide lower-cost options and increase housing density within city limits.

Wednesday’s vote was part of an update to the city’s Residential Infill Project, which allows new units to be built on lots originally zoned for one home. The new rules permit more types of housing, and set new, more flexible rules for how homes can be configured and how large they can be.

Starting July 1, developers can legally build several types of high-density housing in Portland, including multi-family housing – such as two, four or six-unit “plexes” — in a single structure; cottage clusters, or multiple small homes that share a common outdoor space; and townhomes, or separate, often multi-story homes that share a structure with other units.

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