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Nine steps to developing your marketing presence

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Everyone knows that good branding will make people take you more seriously. But truly powerful branding can alter your own psychology, making you more confident and motivated.

The most important aspect of branding is consistency, and this can be daunting to have to constantly keep up with, especially once you begin expanding your business and have different hands working across your marketing and advertising. This is where having a brand bible comes into play.

A brand bible is the rulebook for the way you present your business to the world. Take a closer look at this website. The symbol, the font of my name, the colors, what we post and how often… None of that is an accident. A brand bible isn’t a just a reference guide to design choices; it’s a commitment to extreme growth. By taking the time to create this, you’re planting the seeds of your long-term success.

Find the tips here: Building Your Brand Bible: 9 Steps to Developing Your Marketing Presence

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