Buying frenzy sapping your energy? 7 ways to take action

Photo by ahmad gunnaivi on Unsplash

Inman | Linnette Edwards and Cameron Platt

Beware: Burnout is real, and it could be coming for you. Spring is a busy real estate season during any year, but this year’s housing markets are absolutely on fireWe’re seeing wild-west conditions as homebuyers face the most competitive market in decades, thanks to pent-up demand and low inventory.

We’re talking about bidding wars with 20 to 30 offers. Pushy preemptive, all-cash, non-contingent bids. Homes selling gun-slinger-fast within 20 days on average and 10 days in the hottest regions.

[…] So, how can agents avoid reaching the bacon point, er, breaking point? We gathered top tips from real estate pros in some of the busiest markets.