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Diversity, equity and inclusion: A multifaceted approach

John L. Scott Chairman & CEO J. Lennox Scott recently penned an article for Inman.com about diversity, equity and inclusion. See below for an excerpt and link to the piece online!

Inman | J. Lennox Scott

The year 2020 was historic on many levels, including a racial awakening triggered by the death of George Floyd in May. Throughout the year, Americans in every region and every profession began having more of the hard conversations that are needed to help us all understand each other. Efforts to right the racist wrongs of the past, to defuse racial tension, and to increase diversity in our communities and our company are important to every member of the John L. Scott Real Estate family.

We understand that intentionality is essential to creating the world we all want, where people from every race, ethnic background, religion, gender, sexual orientation and ability can live and work harmoniously. Real estate agents and brokers have an important role to play, particularly as the uneven rates of homeownership among different races and continued incidents of discrimination came to light last year. Our approach includes building awareness of the issues, having collaborative conversations about equity, educating ourselves and others in the real estate community, providing leadership on diversity and taking action to promote inclusion.

Read the piece online: Diversity, equity and inclusion: A multifaceted approach

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