Three ways to effectively manage client expectations

This is a guest post from our partners at Old Republic Home Protection.

Has it been decades since your new clients bought and sold their first home? Did they conduct their only transaction in another state under a different set of rules? Are they first-time buyers who have studied real estate by reading every unreliable source they can find on the internet?

Whether they’re first-time home buyers or they’ve been through it all before, buying or selling a home can seem mysterious and bewildering to some, and managing expectations is the antidote for misunderstandings.

Adopt a beginner’s mind to educate your clients

Your clients don’t know what they don’t know, and neither do you! Fortunately, you can educate them by asking the right questions. Ask them about their previous experience buying and selling real estate (if any), and assess their understanding of real estate fundamentals (pricing, negotiations, time-on-market, the closing process, etc.)…

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