Dr. Lee Davenport promotes JLS Industry Forum in REALTOR Magazine story

A screenshot from Dr. Lee Davenport’s presentation during the John L. Scott Industry Forum on Aug. 27.

REALTOR Magazine | Dr. Lee Davenport

Do your neck and shoulders tighten when someone mentions race in the context of real estate? Does your fight, flight, or freeze instinct go full throttle when the discussion shifts toward the topic of discrimination and fair housing?

There are ways to get comfortable (not complacent) in discussing difficult issues that allow you to embrace and invite these conversations, particularly on fair housing.

During the John L. Scott Real Estate Industry Forum held Aug. 27, 2020, I tackled the topic of embracing such timely and crucial conversations through the following points:

  • What my Peloton bike has taught me about this moment. (It’s not as random as it may sound.)
  • How did we get here? The historical impact racial discrimination has had on homeownership options.
  • What the original “Rosie the Riveter” can teach us about fair housing for all.

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