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Facebook rolls out option to broadcast ‘Rooms’ to Facebook Live

Photo credit: Facebook

Social Media Today | Andrew Hutchinson

With more people looking to connect via video tools, Facebook has announced a new option which will enable Messenger Rooms users to also broadcast their Room via Facebook Live, expanding the audience potential of your group discussion.

[…] The process, as detailed above, means that you can conduct a Rooms conversation as normal, which allows up to 50 people to join the video chat. You can then further expand the viewership of that discussion by streaming to Facebook Live. Live viewers will not be able to join the Room, they’ll only be able to watch and comment via the regular Facebook Live tools. But it could be a good option for hosting panel discussions, interviews, and other events, and reaching more people with your content.

Read the story here: Facebook Will Now Enable Users to Broadcast their Messenger Rooms via Facebook Live

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