John L. Scott Snohomish hosts a fundraiser with a fun twist

Members of the John L. Scott Snohomish office gather with a big check for the Snohomish Community Food Bank. As part of this fun “hair-raiser,” owner Greg Erickson (bottom right) received a less-than-flattering haircut all in good fun.

John L. Scott Snohomish owners Greg Erickson and Rio Ingram recently headed up a fundraiser for the Snohomish Community Food Bank, with a fun twist. The duo challenged the community: donate $2,500 through GoFundMe and John L. Scott Snohomish will match that donation, and Greg will get a horrible haircut. This “hair-raiser” took off soon after Greg and Rio announced the challenge live on Facebook; in total the community donations, match from John L. Scott Snohomish and match from Dwell Mortgage amounted to $14,000 for the food bank.

John L. Scott Stanwood also decided to join in on the fun, matching donations and rounding up, donating $5,100 to the Stanwood Food Bank. When all was said and done, a total of $19,100 was donated to local food banks as a result of the “hair-raiser”!

And of course, Greg Erickson received the “best worst haircut” to cap off this lighthearted fundraising effort!

John L. Scott Stanwood donated $5,100 to the Stanwood Food Bank as a part of this “hair-raiser.”