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Security officials warn consumers not to abbreviate “2020”

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Security officials are warning consumers to not abbreviate “2020” in official documents because they say it can be an easy way for scammers to commit forgery. They say the abbreviation makes it easy for scammers to change out the numbers on paperwork. For example, if you write a date like “1/3/20,” scammers could change it to “1/3/2000” or 1/3/2021.”

Instead, write out the full year as “1/3/2020” or, better yet, write out the name of the month as well to read “January 3, 2020.” It “could possibly protect you and prevent legal issues on paperwork,” Dusty Rhodes, a Hamilton County, Ohio, auditor told the USA Today Network.

Read the full story here: Why You Shouldn’t Abbreviate 2020

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